This is a simulator for the forging process in the game Legend of Mana. The forge code is based on Myst Erik Ery's work at getting the code off of the game, and biqutS' implementation thereof in C. Both of their work can be found at LoM Kitchen. I rewrote it using Java and added a GUI to it.

This should work as a not-so-bad version 1. Non Windows users : it will probably look very broken (half hidden buttons) because of the window theme I used.

If some cards don't behave like they should, please describe what should happen as precisely as possible so I can (attempt to) fix the code.

How it works : launch the .jar or .exe file (you need java >=1.5), select what you want to forge, then select what the material is, then play with the buttons until you get the result you want. For convenience, the list of items used to forge is displayed and you can see the stats at current step of the forging.
Additionally, you can export/import recipes. The format is extremely basic : it's a text file (with .frg extension) where the first line is the equip code, second line the material code, and every line after that is an item code. No need to download both, just pick one.

Download the .jar version here.

Download the .exe (zipped) file here.