Work in progress... version 0.1

Download the files

The javacbc archive is located here.


Installation instruction

These instructions assume you have installed Cbc in $HOME/coin-cbc, if not, you will have to manually alter some files. Similarly, Java 6 is assumed to be installed in (or have that symlink) /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun.

  1. If you haven't already, download and install Cbc 2.4 in $HOME/coin-cbc. Installation instructions can be found on the Cbc homepage. In the end, your coin-cbc folder should contain (among others) a bin, include and lib directory.
  2. Download javacbc.tar.gz and move it inside $HOME/coin-cbc.
  3. Extract the archive using tar xf javacbc.tar.gz, it will create a javacbc directory.
  4. Go to the javacbc directory and edit the Makefile to match the path to the Cbc folder, and to your Java folder.
  5. Open a terminal inside the javacbc folder, and run make. This will generate the wrapper files and classes, and compile a small Java test app named javacbc_test. In order for the app to run properly, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environement variable must contain the directory where the library is located, a small helper script is given ( that will set it and then run the test app.



  1. Cbc (2.4) and all its requirements (You may compile Cbc using Lapack, Blas and glpk. Currently, compiling with ASL causes javacbc to not work.)
  2. Sun Java 6 SDK
  3. Swig